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Below is a link to an article written by Roger Cullman about his experience with EVFEST this past Sunday, October 23rd. at The Brick Works in Toronto. We were exhibiting our 1984 Pontiac Fiero (2ND picture down plugged in) that was converted from gas to electric with a budget of just under $1000.00 using all recycled forklift parts.

EV Fest 2011

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  • Orangeville.com2 months ago

    A chat about cars with The Valley’s Eco Steve Smith

    Eco Steve Smith of Grand Valley wants to change the world. He grew up in Toronto and Brampton, and has lived in the Valley for five years.
    When he was little, he had a remote control car. His dad would change the rechargeable batteries when they ran down and put the run-down batteries into the charger.
    He asked his dad why they can’t do that with full sized cars. His father told him he didn’t know.
    Five years ago, Smith started to research how to change cars to rechargeable electric cars. He found it wasn’t that difficult.
    He checked out the prices the car companies were charging for an electric car. It was anywhere from $30,000 to
    He realized they were charging this much because there is no maintenance, except to plug them in. So they last longer.
    Two years ago, Smith started to change a regular car to an electric car.
    Working one day per week in his driveway, he managed to do this in about a year. He doesn’t have a garage. His car will go about 100 km on each charge.
    Recently, he has acquired a place to work in along with tools and a service bay. He told me it now takes about four weeks to convert a car.
    He presently has eight cars he has been asked to convert.
    He told me most of the parts he gets to do this job is free recycled materials. He can only change standard transmission cars at this time.
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